Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Good Deed #32: Friendship

The last post I made on here was dedicated to the mentorship that I gave to my former littler brother Noah. A week ago when I was home visiting family, I took the time to spend part of the day with him and catch up. Surprisingly, he now lives in my hometown of Laconia. I was amazed at how grown up he has become. Indeed, he has had to grow up a lot faster than most boys his age. When I saw him this last time though, I didn't just see him as my "little," I looked at a person who was not quite my peer but most certainly my friend. As we transition into this new stage of our relationship, I know that he'll probably always look up to me just as I'll always be proud of him. But there is a deeper connection there and it entails a mutual respect for each other. Like brothers and friends.

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