Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Good Deed #36: Jobs Paid Forward

During the height of this past Presidential election season, political parties on both sides of the aisles talked about jobs. They spoke about them in such abstract and mythical terms as if they alone held the key to unlock the floodgates to more of them. After following both campaigns very closely, I decided that the time to stop talking about them and actually doing something was now. I went on a search with my friend to find ordinary people who wanted to work and through a little bit of encouragement and assistance along the way, could one day, proudly call themselves employed. The name of our project is Jobs Paid forward.

Our intent is to assist in the job hunting process. Once an individual finds a job, it is up to them to in turn "pay it forward" but providing an additional ladder of opportunity for someone else. Our hope is that this creates a ripple effect in the way in which we treat and serve each other in our communities. It is a simple approach to a real problem.

It's almost ironic that I started this project while I myself am unemployed. It has been such a blessing in that I can truly relate to these people we are trying to help. If anything it has taught me humility and the reinforced my unwavering belief that we are one another's keeper. In this picture is my dear friend Ira. Through our help, he was given a proper eye exam and got glasses. We hope this is but a hurdle that he has jumped so that he may reach his fullest potential. It is not a guarantee of a job, but it surely is a step in the right direction. It is through small acts like this that we hope to prove naysayers wrong and bring about real change in our community here in Raleigh.