Sunday, August 7, 2011

Good Deed #31: Mentor

We can't always choose our mentors. Sometimes I find that the best ones are those who don't necessarily identify themselves but come into your life in such a manner that you learn years later their true impact. Four years ago I chose to become a mentor, not because I thought I would be good at it, but because I knew that I owed it to my previous mentors to pass along the knowledge that they had given me. Mentorship is an underrated asset that few get the true benefit from. The two years that I was with Big Brothers and Big Sisters, were arguably my best growth years in that I learned a lot about myself and those around me. When my friend Jill (and mentor in her own right) asked me to donate to her annual fundraiser this year, I couldn't resist. There are many times when I am asked to give money to certain charities. I especially enjoy giving to organizations that I know first hand have great impacts on the lives of others. Big Brothers and Big Sisters is one of those organizations. If you ever get a chance to become a it! It'll change your life.

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